Lietuvos Eltika Ltd., has been selling electrical devices and equipment primarily to construction companies and industrial firms for over 35 years. In 1993 Lietuvos Eltika Ltd. was formed and soon after an alliance was established with Siemens.
   Today Lietuvos Eltika's core business continues to be the distribution of industrial equipment such as power cables, lighting systems, heating systems, and motors. Due to the recent development of Vilnius it is no longer viable for Lietuvos Eltika to continue warehousing it's products in the center of the city. The company is planning to move it's warehousing facilities to another location and establish, Mindaugo Gatvės Verslo Kvartalas (Mindaugo Business Block) or MVK in its centrally located property in the heart of Vilnius on the edge of the old town.

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